Before you go

Do you sell travel insurance?
Our travel insurance partner is Holiday extras and you can book your travel insurance directly with them. Book Now
Can I book airport parking with you?
Our airport parking partner is Holiday extras and you can book your airport parking directly with them Book Now
Can you help with booking an airport lounge?
Our airport parking partner is Holiday extras and you can book your airport lounges directly with them Book Now
How soon after making our booking will we receive confirmation?
Once we have received your booking form and deposit we will send your confirmation documents.
Will I know which hotels I will be staying in before I go?
We will provide the final details of where you will be staying with your final documents. However, these may still be subject to last minute alterations.

Whilst on holiday

What is the maximum luggage allowance on your tours?
20kg per person, as this is normally the maximum allowance on internal flights
Do the hotel rooms have kettles, irons, and hairdryers?
There is no guarantee that the rooms will have these. If you require these items we suggest you take them with you.
Is tipping compulsory?
Tipping is a way of life. We therefore believe it is right to honour tradition and offer a token of our appreciation. It is best to budget between $5-10 per person per day  

What will we eat on tour?
You will sample a range of local cuisine with the occasional western meals. All meals (excluding drinks) are included in our fully inclusive Group Tours. Breakfast is a combination of local and western food, usually served buffet style. Lunches and dinners consist of traditional local cuisine, with a wide range of dishes to choose from. Meals on our group tours usually start with lunch on the normal day of arrival and finish with lunch on the normal day of departure. Our Private Tours include several free evenings, offering flexibility for those who wish to explore the local restaurants.
Do you cater for special dietary requirements whilst on tour?
We can cater for most dietary requirements. Please let us know at the time of booking.