Xian is one of the most historically important cities in China and it’s possible to discover more of its fascinating history in the cities museums.

Shaanxi Museum

The Shaanxi Museum focuses on the very early history of Xian from pre-history through to the Northern and Southern Dynasties (6th century). In addition there is a large collection relating to the later Tang Dynasty which is widely regarded as the high point in Xian’s history.

Xian Museum

This museum houses thousands of cultural relics from all periods in Xian’s history including Buddhist statues, jade pieces, paintings and calligraphy. Also explore the Little Wild Goose Pagoda which is nearby. This ancient building was constructed during the Tang Dynasty in the 8th century.


  • Learn about Xian’s history
  • Admire Tang Dynasty artworks
  • See cultural relics
  • Visit Little Wild Goose Pagoda