Home of the Terracotta Warriors, and one of the great ancient capitals of China, Xian is the resting place of the First Emperor.

Terracotta Warriors

Xian is one of the great ancient capitals of China, with a history dating back over two thousand years it gives way to a myriad of discovery. It was the capital city of the First Emperor of China who unified the seven Warring States. It is here that you can explore the emperor’s treasured legacy at the museum of the Terracotta Warriors, possibly the greatest archaeological discovery of the 20th century. 

Silk Road

Xian’s city wall is one of the longest and largest ancient military defensive systems in the world and the most complete in China. In addition, Xian was at the eastern end of the fabled Silk Road and the Islamic influence lives on in the bustling Muslim Quarter, which is crammed with small shops and food stalls.

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