This bustling city, with wonderful teahouses, beautiful parks, and temples has seen the rise and fall of over a dozen dynasties since 316 BC.

Wuhou Temple

The Wuhou Temple lies at the heart of the old town and built in the seventeenth century, this influential temple is a memorial to a famous Chinese minister who died in 234 AD. The temple includes many statues and ancient inscriptions and is surrounded by extensive grounds.

Jinli Street

Despite its history, today Jinli Street is a fun place to enjoy a stroll, admiring the old buildings and watching the local people go about their daily lives. Here you’ll find handicrafts for sale including embroidery, lacquer ware, and calligraphy and you’ll also see many unusual local snacks.


  • Historical Temple
  • Attractive Grounds
  • Local handicrafts
  • Local snacks