A former playground of Chinese Emperors, The Summer Palace offers a tranquil escape from bustling Beijing, with beautiful gardens and relaxing walks. 

Emperor’s Playground

This former playground is today recognised by UNESCO as an important example of Chinese landscaped garden design. The grounds, temples, bridges, and pavilions provide the foundations for the design but one of the most striking features is the beautifully decorated Long Corridor. At over 700 metres, you’ll often find locals playing board games in the shelter of the covered walkway. 

Kunming Lake

Kunming Lake is at the heart of the Summer Palace and provides a beautiful backdrop, along with Longevity hill, for relaxing walks in stunning surrounds. The plethora of other sights includes the ornamental Marble Boat, the Seventeen-Arch Bridge, and the Dragon King’s Temple.


  • Traditional gardens
  • Long Corridor walkway
  • Lakeside walks
  • Ornamental Marble Boat