Take an exhilarating ride on a cyclo-rickshaw through the hutongs - the traditional residential areas of Beijing.

Narrow Lanes

There is no better way to really get to the heart of Beijing other than taking a ride on a cycle rickshaw through the narrow lanes where local people live. Here, the local way of life has changed little over the centuries and although many hutongs have been demolished, to make way for modern buildings, thankfully some have been preserved to allow a glimpse back into times past.

Local Life

The rides also allow you to observe the slower-paced way of life as you watch the local people strolling through the lanes, drinking tea or maybe playing a game of mah-jong. You may be able to join a family for lunch so you can see their home, ask about their lives, and taste their traditional fare.


  • Ride on a cyclo-rickshaw
  • Explore the narrow lanes
  • Discover the old way of life
  • Enjoy lunch with the locals